Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How to Keep Your Child Happy at Preschool

As fun as preschool is, it’s stressful for little ones to be away from Mom and Dad all day. Consider some ways to make the transition easier.

1. Let your child know what to expect.Find out about the school. Put yourself in a good position to answer your child’s questions and to listen to his or her fears. Specific topics to cover:

*Daily routines, including dropping off and picking up. Many classrooms post a visual daily schedule.

* Teachers’ names

* Snack time and lunch time

Knowing these details will help to make preschool a familiar place in your child’s mind.

2.Stay and play awhile.Before your child’s first day, include your child on a tour of the new preschool, and stay long enough for them to get comfortable in the space. Later on, talk about the exciting toys and new friends.

3. Read books about preschool. A special trip to the library should yield plenty of options.

4. Avoid distractions at pickup time. Put your phone away and take a minute to de-stress so that you can be in a happy, welcoming frame of mind when you pick up your child. Enjoy listening to the day’s adventures!

With planning, love and patience, your child will learn to cope with separation and play happily at preschool. Visit this website to learn more about pre kindergarten in Cary.

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